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University Syllabus Associates - University Syllabus' Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome to University Syllabus affiliate marketing program. The University Syllabus Associate Program helps you to work and earn from home. With great services available on the University Syllabus website, associates use easy advertising pattern to connect students to University Syllabus website based on their interests, and earn from advertising fee.


1. Sign Up: Join other people who are earning from the University Syllabus Associate Program.

2. Advertise: University Syllabus gets in touch with you and directs you on how to advertise the website.

3. Earn: University Syllabus pays you a fixed amount of 300 rupees for every new college you connect with university syllabus.


How does the Associate Program Work?

Our website serves students. You can earn money by connecting our website to students around your niche and earning advertising fee from us.

How do I qualify for this program?

Any one can join this program.

How do I earn in this program?

You earn 300 rupees for every new college you connect with University Syllabus. This is done by simply requesting the students of that college to add the University Syllabus mobile number, that is provided to you, to their classes' WhatsApp group. Rest of promotion is done by University Syllabus.

The payment is monthly and continues every month for one year. 

How do I get paid?

Through Bank Transfer, Google Pay or PhonePe.

How do I count total colleges connected by me?

All colleges connected by you are kept in your record and also provided to you by end of the month by University Syllabus and you are paid accordingly.

Any Task Involve?

University Syllabus encourages you to connect with 1 college daily but it is not mandatory.

Any training?

Yes, we will train you on how to connect with the colleges.

How do I sign up for the program?

Sign up for the program here

We will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria. Further communications will be via mail or mobile.