We believe in democratizing our work. We understand that Partners and Individuals who have the network to promote our brand, are the real brand bearers that we aim to onboard. 

Our businesses include:

1. Health Talks with Oruma: Online Public health information service.

2. Best Tailor: Online tailoring service

3. Massage Care: Online massage therapy service

4. Oruma Care: Diagnostic & Preventive Health Care Industry.

5. University Syllabus Star Nigeria: A online contest.

What Our Partners Do.

-Partners create networks for us in every class of their university.

-A partner creates a network of one person in a class.

What The Networks Do.

1. Like Our Facebook page ‘Almustapha Oruma’

2. Invite their friends to like the page (200 friends per day).

3. Share two of our posts daily tagging 50 of their friends each.

4. Share our posts to their class group.


Partners are paid ₦20000 monthly

Networks are paid ₦5000 monthly

*There is no payment fee to become our partner or network!